Sunday, February 20, 2011

Importing Wilcom Bling to Cam Machines

If you will be outputting your Wilcom bling designs to be used with a CAM machine there are a few steps that will make will allow for a more successful import into the CAM's GemMaster software.
There is a discrepancy between how Wilcom defines the sizes of stones and how GemMaster describes the stones. This causes a spacing issue when importing the files to Gemmaster. The result is dropped stones. The key is to set up both programs to use the same values for calculating stones size and thus stone spacing.

Prior to designing Bling! you will want to setup your stone pallet in Wilcom. In the case of the popular ss10 set the size to the top of the ss10 range of 2.89mm. For the ss16 we will again use the top of the range using 3.99mm. If you go any higher than this Wilcom will describe the stone as ss11 and ss17 respectfully.

The second step is to set your Bling output format to .ai - Adobe Illustrator in Wilcom's Multi-decoration export.

Click on the Options button just to the right of the Bling! file format drop down list.

This will open the Adobe Illustrator options box. Change the Capability drop down list to Adobe Illustrator 8.0. Click "Ok" taking you back to the Multi-decoration Export dialog box.

Determine where you would like the .ai file export to and click "Export." In this folder you will find a file named In the example above the file would be named

In GemMaster you will use File open to begin the import process. Navigate to the folder you had exported the Wilcom file to. Select "Only Illustrator" in the "Files of type" drop down list. Select the file you wish to import and click "Open."

The  "AI File Open" dialog box will open. Select;
Stone (Dot)
User Set
Then alter the set size to match the sizes used in Wilcom and click "Ok." The placement of stones will now match what was visible in Wilcom.

While the "AI File Option" box will present itself on each subsequent file import, the setting of the sizes will not have to be repeated. GemMaster will automatically retain this information.


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