Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uninstall without a dongle

I had an interesting conversation with an IT person who had been tasked with un-installing Wilcom without the availability of a dongle. I had never really thought much about this, but it made me dig around a little for advice. Along with what I found and what the IT person already knew about computers (clearly a lot more than I do) she was able to complete a successful un-install.

Below are the steps she said worked for her.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fractional Spacing

Fractional Spacing is a widely misused feature in the Wilcom embroidery Software. The control icon is found on the Stitch Effect tools bar where a left click will toggle the tool either on or off.

A right click will take you to the Object properties docker for this tool which is found under the Smart Corner Tab. I am not exactly sure why it is located on the Smart Corner tab as this because while this tool may be used with Smart Corners, it does not pertain directly or solely to Smart Corners. I feel it's position on the Smart Corner tab is misleading. None the less, this is where it is.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Importing Wilcom Bling to Cam Machines

If you will be outputting your Wilcom bling designs to be used with a CAM machine there are a few steps that will make will allow for a more successful import into the CAM's GemMaster software.
There is a discrepancy between how Wilcom defines the sizes of stones and how GemMaster describes the stones. This causes a spacing issue when importing the files to Gemmaster. The result is dropped stones. The key is to set up both programs to use the same values for calculating stones size and thus stone spacing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exporting Bling

A multi-decoration platform means the designer is able to accomplish all designing from within a single program. It may take some getting used to, but Wilcom e2 moves one step closer to a true multi-decoration platform.

This means the .emb file format isn't considered just an embroidery file, but also the proprietary format of choice for saving design for cad cutting, screenprint, rhinestones and embroidery.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Multi-Decoration Export

The Multi-Decoration Export feature is able to look at a file and determine what type of objects exist in the file.

This allows users to specify which parts they would like to be exported, which format to place the various parts into, and what folder to place the various files into.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Uninstalling CorelDRAW

Unlike other programs that boast "CorelDRAW integration", Wilcom is the only apparel design software that actually has true integration. What this means is when you install your Wilcom software you are also installing CorelDRAW Graphic Suite. CorelDRAW isn't purchased separate, it isn't installed separate and doesn't come on it's own discs.

There are several benefits to this;
  • The two programs are one and you don't have to worry about them not functioning correctly.
  • The price of Wilcom didn't go up when CorelDRAW was integrated, in fact it actually went down a few dollars. This is true of the update prices as well.
  • There isn't any finger pointing when calling technical support as to why things are not functioning as there is with most second party arrangements.
  • The ability to create and modify artwork is now done on the fly. There isn't a reason to open a second program to draw in, then export from and then import to Wilcom. Simple changes can be made on the fly and the results are instant.
  • Artwork is now brought into Wilcom using CorelDRAWs import filters which are superior to Wilcom's and the Windows Paste Board.
However, there are some who do not share this excitement and may prefer not to use or even have CorelDRAW on their computer. In these cases you may wish to un-install CorelDRAW using the un-install utility. Once CorelDRAW is un-installed the "Graphics Mode" button will be permanently greyed out and CorelDRAW will no longer be on your hard drive or accessible.

A few key points to think about;
  • If CorelDRAW is removed you can still make vector drawing objects from within Wilcom using the Drawing Tools if your Wilcom level includes Drawing Tools.
  • After a normal Wilcom installation (Corel is present) you can start CorelDRAW independent of Wilcom through the start menu or link on the desktop. This may be accomplished without the need of the Key (dongle).

Friday, January 28, 2011

Adding custom hoop size

Wilcom e2 added a feature called HoopIt!
This feature comes with preset hoop sizes saving you the time of setting up the most basic hoops for use with this new feature. It's easy to select hoops from the supplied library and add them to your My Hoop list for regular use.

If you have hoops that are not included in the supplied list, you can add them to the system.

You have the option to select from various shapes. Depending on the shape selected you may then define the hoop's dimensions. The custom defined hoops will be saved for future use.