Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uninstall without a dongle

I had an interesting conversation with an IT person who had been tasked with un-installing Wilcom without the availability of a dongle. I had never really thought much about this, but it made me dig around a little for advice. Along with what I found and what the IT person already knew about computers (clearly a lot more than I do) she was able to complete a successful un-install.

Below are the steps she said worked for her.

  • After going to the Wilcom folder and deleting the folder and all its contents, it was discovered that not all files could be deleted. Her next step was to boot into safe mode and delete the files that way.
  • Then you need to stop the HASP service which is running in the Services area.
  • Then she used Revo un-installer to search for and delete the remaining files.
The last bit of advice I learned form this ordeal is, if you are having a rough time with your girlfriend, it is best to have her un-install Wilcom BEFORE she leaves with her dongle.


  1. or make up with her long enough to get her to come back withthe dongle!

  2. how to install wilcom deco studio with out dongle and how to run programe